« The big blue bag »

Notre troisième défi d’écriture « Happy end de Noël » a inspiré Maya, une jeune Franco-Américaine âgée de dix ans, qui nous a transmis sa première fiction « The big blue bag ». Intrigue, suspense, mystère ponctuent le récit qui tient le lecteur en haleine. Nous vous le soumettons en version originale ! Enjoy ! And… greatest thanks, Maya !


Chapter 1

It was dark and damp when I heard the trunk of a car slam. I hurried down my bunk bed ladder and rushed to the window. 

There, right in front of my eyes was a sight to see : Mr and Mrs Glen were carrying a big heavy looking blue plastic bag. Hmm… I wonder what is in it, I thought to myself. The Glens rushed in with the bag in both hands. They set it down on the ground inside their house, closed the garage door and then the real door. Just then I became very suspicious. I had always told my parents everything I knew. But this time I had to keep it for myself. I scrambled back up my bed and got under my blanket. There were so many things that could be in that bag I thought again. I kept thinking but very slowly… I fell asleep.

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